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For shopify brands pushing for faster growth with Influencer Marketing


/ month
+ 5% commission fee
on direct sales
Unlimited Influencers Shortlisting
Unlimited Influencers Outreaches
AI-based Influencers Matching
One Expert Campaign Review
Live Sales Tracking
24 x 7 Support
Cancel Anytime, No Contract


    For agencies pursuing Influencer Marketing for multiple brands

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    No com
    mission fees
    Everything in Brand and..
    Unlimited Campaigns
    Custom Dashboards
    Personalised Data Reports
    Unlimited Expert Reviews
    Dedicated Account Manager

      Trusted by 30,000+ Ecommerce Brands

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      Assuming 2% referral rate
      YOU PAY
      + $
      How commission is calculated for the Premium Plan
      First $1k
      Next $10k
      Next $100k
      Everything Above

      Experience the magic of InfluencerCandy

      AI-Powered Matching

      Harness AI to find relevant influencers who have high engagement rates with your target audience.

      Automated Campaigns

      Automate influencer outreaches, email followups, and tracking of content status and referral sales

      100K+  & Growing

      In addition to our 100K curated influencer network, access new audiences and influencers added every week

      Unlimited Outreaches

      Shortlist and reachout to thousands of influencers in minutes


      Customise influencer incentives and build a campaign that stays within your budget

      Insightful Reports

      Track product sales and find insights from your influencer marketing campaigns.

      What brands say about us..

      "Their(InfluencerCandy) influencers did a good job.
      You can tell they actually thought about it and took time to do the review.
      You can tell they’re not just trying to push a product. You can tell they actually enjoy what they're doing"

      Luke Allison
      CEO, Tooth of the Arrow

      10X Cheaper, 20X Faster

      How InfluencerCandy compares against traditional Influencer Marketing?

      Have a question regarding our pricing? Get an answer!

      Clear up any doubts, learn best practices, and make informed decisions for your influencer campaigns.

      What is InfluencerCandy? How does it work?

      InfluencerCandy is a SaaS platform that allows you to find relevant influencers, kick-start your campaign in minutes, and track your sales -all in one place. You can learn more on how InfluencerCandy works here.

      How to get started with my Influencer Marketing campaign?

      1. Signup
      2. Short-list influencers
      3. Kick-start your Campaign.

      You can learn more on how InfluencerCandy works here.

      What's your pricing model?

      For brands, we work on a monthly subscription model of $99 per month in addition to 5% commission of all your referral sales generated via the platform. We also help you design and setup Influencer incentives, which can be customised based on your needs and budget.

      What is the commission fee? What is it based on?

      The commission fee of 5% is charged only on purchases by new customers referred to your store through our influencers. Also, the commission only applies to the first three purchases the referred customer makes. You can find more details here.

      What is an Influencer Incentive? How can I customise it?

      Influencer Incentives are financial rewards that you pay the influencer for bringing you the referrals. This includes Influencer Commission (% per sale), Influencer Rewards ($ for the first 5 referrals), and Product discount (% discount on the product for the influencer's audience). The amount is variable and can be personalised based on your budget and goals on InfluencerCandy dashboard.

      Will Influencer Candy work for me?

      Currently, InfluencerCandy is tailored to meet the specific needs of eCommerce brands who are on Shopify and can ship their products to Influencers inside the US.

      How do I know if shortlisted influencers will post content on my product?

      While you can find and reach out to thousands of relevant influencers on InfluencerCandy, response from influencers depend on
      1. How you communicate your product's uniqueness
      2. The incentives you choose
      3. And your product's relevance to the influencer's audience

      InfluencerCandy provides you the tools to increase influencer response rates and also provides 1:1 enablement to increase $ sales from each of your campaigns.

      Why Influencer Marketing?

      Influencer marketing helps Ecommerce brands to reach new audiences and estabilish meaningful connections with existing target audience.

      InfluencerCandy Live: Q&A Session

      Have questions related to InfluencerCandy and if its the right fit for your brand?
      Join us for an introductory Live Q&A session
      and get your queries answered from our Influencer Marketing experts!