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Build Impactful Influencer Campaigns

Influencer Matching
Find high impact influencers focused on your target audience
Influencer Campaigns
Get rid off the "headaches" in running campaigns
Influencers Network

Work with hundreds of influencers, in a click
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Influencer Marketing, without the guesswork

InfluencerCandy automates the process of finding, managing, and tracking influencer collaborations.


Harness the power of AI to find relevant influencers who align seamlessly with your target audience.


Collaborate with influencers, track performance, and optimize results with end-to-end campaign automation.


Track the impact of each campaign on your sales and optimize your ROI with ease on our all-in-one SaaS platform.

Real Stories, Real Results

"Their influencers actually thought about my brand and took time
to demonstrate its value"
Luke Allison
CEO, Tooth of the Arrow
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10X Cheaper, 20X Faster

Powered by AI, InfluencerCandy allows you to run
impactful Influencer Marketing campaigns 20X quicker than any competitor

Flash Reachouts

Unlimited influencer reach outs, in minutes

Sustainable sales Impact

5X increase in sales while keeping the budget within limits through customised influencer incentives

Cutting out manual work

90% manual effort spent in finding and getting influencers to respond is eliminated through AI and automation

Measurable ROI

Automated payouts with transparent referral tracking allows you to measure campaign ROI quickly

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1000+ Videos,
40M+ Views

From ReferralCandy, with love

InfluencerCandy is built and presented to you by the team behind the best-rated Referral Marketing app on Shopify with 2000+ 5 star reviews - ReferralCandy!

Top Ecommerce Brands, $1M+ in Sales

Read in-depth case studies on how we drive successful influencer marketing campaigns for top eCommerce brands


How a cosmetic brand boosted sales by 20% with conversions from influencers

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How a hunting brand recruited YouTubers to increase their online presence

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How this brand reached new customers in a highly-regulated industry

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Loved by brands and influencers alike

InfluencerCandy is built on trust, transparency, and true connection, a collaboration greatly appreciated by e-commerce brands and influencers across the world.

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Have a question? Get an answer!

Get answers to your most pressing questions about our influencer marketing platform in our comprehensive FAQ section.

What is InfluencerCandy? How does it work?

InfluencerCandy is a comprehensive SaaS platform that allows you to find relevant influencers, kick-start your campaign in minutes, and track your sales -all in one place. You can learn more on how InfluencerCandy works here.

How to get started on InfluencerCandy?

1. Signup
2. Short-list influencers
2. Kick-start your Campaign.

You can learn more on how InfluencerCandy works here.

How much does InfluencerCandy cost?

We work on a monthly subscription model of $99 per month in addition to 5% commission of all your referral sales generated via the platform. Check out our pricing page for more details.

How's InfluencerCandy different ?

Our algorithms match your brand with high-impact influencers focused on your target audience, saving you the time and effort. With our automations, you can effortlessly manage influencer collaborations, streamline communication, and track the success of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing helps Ecommerce brands to reach new audiences and estabilish meaningful connections with existing target audience.

Will Influencer Candy work for me?

Currently, InfluencerCandy is tailored to meet the specific needs of eCommerce brands who are on Shopify and can ship their products to Influencers inside the US.

What is an Influencer Incentive?

Influencer Incentives are financial rewards that you pay the influencer for bringing you the referrals. This includes Influencer Commission (% per sale), Influencer Rewards ($ for the first 5 referrals), and Product discount (% discount on the product for the influencer's audience). You can signup on InfluencerCandy and customise the incentives based on your campaign targets.

Why Product Reviews?

Product reviews hold immense power in shaping consumer decisions. By focusing on product reviews, businesses harness the influence of trusted voices to establish credibility, build trust, and drive sales, ultimately maximizing the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Want to know more?

Find out how to boost your business with influencer marketing from our experts!

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