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Start building your squad of influencers with us

We get you a constant stream of influencer posts, you pay only when they convert.

No garbage to sift through. 
Only real & relevant influencers.

Influencer databases are plagued with irrelevant influencers trying to rob you of your money. It's a pain to sift through them.

Our tool finds people already posting about your brand or your niche. These people genuinely want to post about your brand. 

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Trusted by ecommerce brands like yours

Save the hours, pain and guesswork
We manage the end-to-end process for you

Actual videos that we've helped brands get

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Battle-tested referral tracking and fraud detection

Quick integration with Shopify

10 years of helping ecommerce brands grow

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Trusted by ecommerce brands like yours

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1. Tell us about your brand
Get on a short call with us to help us understand what kind of influencers are most relevant

2. Review shortlisted influencers
We will reach out to at least 300 influencers monthly (you'll get to vet the list)

3. Ship products
Our Shopify integration makes product seeding effortless. Influencers who opt in simply orders the product free with a special code. You ship orders as per normal. No manual packing and delivery.

4. Watch results roll in
Influencers post on their channels, along with their referral links to track direct conversions. You'll get a weekly report tracking their performanceDownload UGC from those that opted-in (90% of them do)

5. Pay only for influencers that convert
We know how frustrating it is to pay for an influencer's post, only to get 0 direct conversions. While direct conversions are only part of the impact, no marketer wants to feel like they’re running a loss-making program. That is why we charge on a pay-per-conversion basis.

✨ That's it βœ¨

No endless scrolling to find influencers
No guessing what to pay an influencer
No emailing back & forth

No messy spreadsheets

No handling influencer payments

Get a constant stream of influencer posts,

Pay only for results

No downsides.
Unlimited upsides.

  • Avoid wasting budget on influencers that don't convert by paying them large fees upfront
  • Save hours trying to find influencers yourself
  • Accelerate sales
  • Drive awareness and buzz
  • Expose your brand to virality
  • Generate social proof
  • Collect a library of authentic UGC to repurpose
  • Build a proven army of influencers to leverage on

No downsides

Only upsides


From the team behind

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10+ years of helping ecommerce brands grow

Niches that we're great for

πŸ’„ Cosmetics

πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ Hair Styling

🐢 Pets

🎣 Sports & Hobbies

🍼 Childcare


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300 influencers
reached out to monthly


10 to 15
opt-in to receive the product


8 to 15
1-3 videos


How a cosmetic πŸ’„ brand boosted sales by 20% with conversions from influencers

Case studies

How a hunting 🏹 brand recruited YouTubers to increase their online presence

How are influencers and their sales tracked?

We provide each influencer with their own unique referral link that tracks purchases made through them. You will get a weekly report of all the influencers, their posts, and how many clicks and referrals made through their links.

Are the influencers paid to post?

Yes. We incentivise the influencers with a payment structure designed to best motivate the influencers to post and to drive conversions (if they like the product). However, you do not need to worry about all that. We only charge you when the influencers drive conversions. We are able to do this because we are confident that the influencers we invest in will convert.

Will all of the influencers be guaranteed to post?

We do our best to ensure that as many influencers post as possible. We follow up with influencers on a regular basis until they post. On average, ~75% of influencers who get the free product end up posting.

Sometimes the influencer may end up not liking the product after receiving it. In that case, they will have to fill up a product feedback form detailing why they do not like the product instead of posting.

What / How many products will be sent to each influencer?

This is up to you - you will indicate this when you sign up with us. We recommend sending enough products for the influencer to have a good sense of what the brand can offer to do a proper review. If the influencer's first post works out well, you can always follow up with the influencer to send more products.

Can we repost or use their content for ads?

When the influencers post, we will ask them if they are ok with giving usage rights to the content for digital marketing. 90% of influencers do. If the influencer does not want to give the usage rights for free, we will help you to ask for their rates on your behalf and you can decide if you want to pay for that content.

Can we cancel any time with no fee?

Yes. Just send us an email at

I have more questions

You can email us your questions at

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