How it works for brands

We are excited that you chose to start your journey into influencer marketing with us! 🥳

Every week we reach out to thousands of creators across the globe and onboard only the most relevant ones. Our integrated referral rewards and free product incentive model is how we ensure that Influencers only post about products they want to share with their friends and followers.

Here's a quick overview of onboarding into InfluencerCandy:

  1. As a Merchant, you let us know what product you want to promote
  2. We will take a few days to review your program and set up the coupons and referral tracking together with you on your shop.
  3. Once we agree to start the program, we will start reaching out to influencers and get them to post about your product.
  4. Once influencers have started posting, we will send you a monthly report and invoice on the influencers and their posts via email.


Program lifecycle

Can we turn it off at any time with no fee?

Yes, you can turn it off at anytime with no fee. Just shoot us an email.

Do I get to approve the influencers?

Yes! We will send you a list of influencers to review before we reach out.

Kindly get back to us in 4 days. We will reach out to the influencers after the 4 days to keep your influencer program moving.

Why do I have to pay even if the post does not make any referrals?

Even if some posts do not generate direct sales via the referral links (which can be challenging even if the post is good, because the link cannot be easily shared on some platforms like TikTok), many brands have found the posts themselves to be valuable for:

  • the awareness generated
  • their effectiveness as UGC when used as ads, content for website, social etc

Sending the product to the influencers

How do influencers claim the free product?

We will help you generate a code for the influencers to place the order for free. Because you already have ReferralCandy installed, you don't need to do anything - we are already integrated with your Shopify store :) You just need to fulfil the orders as per normal.

How many products will be sent to one influencer?

This is entirely up to you. We recommend sending enough products for the influencer to have a good sense of what the brand can offer. If the influencer's first post works out well, you can always follow up with the influencer to send more products.

How to set up free shipping for influencers

* These instructions apply to Shopify hosted shops and may be different for other e-commerce platforms.

  1. Go to "Shipping & delivery" in your Shopify dashboard and click "Manage rates" (Settings > Shipping & delivery > Manage rates).
  2. Add a new free shipping rate when the price is $0.00 (set min. and max. price to $0.00).
  3. Adjust the other shipping rules so they don't overlap (e.g. set standard shipping to $0.01 - $xx.xx)

Influencer posts

Will all of the influencers be guaranteed to post?

We will follow up with influencers on a regular basis until they have posted.

If the influencer gets the product but does not post within 60 days without a valid reason, we will reimburse 100% of the product value (up to $100).

Where will the posted content be saved? Can we repost or use their content for ads?

We will provide the links to the posts in a monthly report. At the moment we do not save the content. However, there are various free tools available to extract the content that we can recommend.

Usage rights are not included. But we can help you reach out to the influencers for usage rights after they have posted. The influencer may ask for fees regarding usage rights.

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