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Start building your squad of influencers with us

No garbage to sift through. 
Only real & relevant influencers.

Influencer databases are plagued with irrelevant influencers trying to rob you of your money. It's a pain to sift through them.

Our tool finds people already posting about your brand or your niche. These people genuinely want to post about your brand. 

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Trusted by ecommerce brands like yours

Actual videos that we've helped brands get

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10 years of helping ecommerce brands grow

Find Influencers Now

Trusted by ecommerce brands like yours

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10+ years of helping ecommerce brands grow

Go from local fav to viral status with influencers, without burning piles of cash 💸 or burning yourself out 😩

1. Discover

Find hundreds of influencers with real influence for your brand in seconds, not days

2. Recruit

Run your product seeding program on autopilot and get results while you sleep

How it works

  1. Select your brand’s target audience

  2. Get a recommended list of influencers, sorted by influence to those audiences

  3. Reach out and seed your products on autopilot (or export influencer list to DIY)

How we measure an influencer’s influence

We analyse creators, their stats AND their content to figure out:

  1. Has the creator made helpful content for your brand’s target audience before?
  2. Did those content get good engagement?
  3. Does the creator consistently get good engagement?

Recommendations for you that cut through the noise

Other solutions


Overemphasizes follower count

Focuses on relevant engagement

Misleading engagement rates - inflated by irrelevant content

Only considers engagement on content that are helpful to your target audience

Guesses relevance using naive keyword matching

Accurately assesses if content is helpful using AI

Uncovers hidden gems

Focuses on high profile influencers

Recruit influencers at scale, on autopilot

Once you’ve selected the influencers to reach out to, we can help you run your product seeding campaign end-to-end:

  • Outreach to influencers
  • Follow ups and reminders
  • Claiming and sending of products
  • Tracking and measuring success (posts, sales, clicks)

Or DIY your influencer program

Export influencers (contact details included) and reach out to them yourself

  • Included:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Channel URL
  • Median views
  • Median comments
  • No. of followers
  • Last posted date
  • Audience Influence Score