How Miccilo boosted sales by 20% with conversions from influencers

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About the Brand

Miccilo is a Swedish cosmetic brand focuses on perfecting just one product - a full-coverage foundation that lasts all day long without feeling or looking too heavy on the skin.

The Problem ☹️

Miccilo knew that influencer marketing has potential because Miccilo had worked directly with influencers before and had a few successes.

However, Miccilo held back from investing further in influencers because of two challenges:

Challenge 1: Too time consuming

MICCILO realised that finding, recruiting, communicating, and keeping track of influencers is a full time job.

As a lean team, Miccilo could not afford that sort of time and manpower, especially given the second challenge:

Challenge 2: Too unpredictable

To predict which influencer will give ROI, Miccilo had tried looking at the engagement rate, follower count, post quality, signs of fake followers / engagement etc.

In spite of all that, many of the influencers still did not convert enough sales to cover what was paid to them.

This made Miccilo afraid to continue working with influencers. Miccilo did not want to risk running huge losses and wasting a massive amount of time.

The Solution 🙌

InfluencerCandy was a perfect fit for Miccilo because it addressed both challenges squarely:

Time consuming tasks offloaded

InfluencerCandy handled the entire process—from influencer discovery to recruitment to product gifting to sales tracking to payments. All Miccilo had to do to get on an onboarding call to help the team understand what types of influencers are most relevant, and to spend a few minutes weekly to vet the list of influencers that the team has shortlisted.

Thanks to InfluencerCandy’s integration with Shopify, Miccilo also did not need to worry about manually sending the products to the influencers, or manually generating coupon codes to track conversions.

Commission based pricing = zero risks

Unlike other solutions, InfluencerCandy only charges a commission for direct conversions by influencers. There are no upfront fees or payments per post. So if the influencers don’t drive any trackable sales, Miccilo pays nothing.

This meant that Miccilo no longer had to worry about running large losses before any trackable conversions are seen.

The Results 🎉

  • 53 influencers recruited in 2 months
  • 75 video posts on YouTube and TikTok
  • Half a million impressions
  • 20% boost in total sales via direct conversions*

*Purchases made via influencers' referral links. 
Note that Miccilo also probably benefited from many indirect, un-tracked conversions, because not everyone will find the referral link to purchase from. Especially on platforms like TikTok that make it hard for links to be shared.

More social proof, better brand impression

Previously, it was difficult to find inspiring posts when searching for “Miccilo” on social platforms. Now, there are dozens of reviews by make up artists, beauty creators, etc—effectively improving the Miccilo's overall brand impression.

A library of user-generated content

Miccilo now has plenty of eye-catching content from influencers of diverse backgrounds to repurpose for ads, website, social media, etc.

InfluencerCandy automatically asks influencers if allow the brand to repurpose the content. 90% of the time, the influencer will agree at no additional costs.

The start of effective long term relationships

Now, whenever Miccilo wishes to run any campaigns, they know that they have a performance proven pool of influencers who love Miccilo's product.

No garbage to sift through. 
Only real & relevant influencers.

Influencer databases are plagued with irrelevant influencers trying to rob you of your money. It's a pain to sift through them.

Our tool finds people already posting about your brand or your niche. These people genuinely want to post about your brand. 

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Examples of influencers Miccilo connected with

@caitiemurphy1 Tried a new foundation … I’m impressed! Full YouTube review will be up soon! I’ve been wearing it every day for a week now 👌🏻 #makeup #fyp #makeupreview #foundation #foundationreview ♬ original sound - Caitie Murphy
@caitiemurphy1 Basic (for me) makeup today / doing a full YouTube video review on the @MICCILOCosmetics foundation which will be posted on my channel tonight ♥️ #makeup #fyp #makeupreview #makeupartist ♬ Float on the Sound (Ey) - Tiagz

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416 unique clicks
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93 direct conversions

@caitiemurphy1 Replying to @theewonderwoman PART 1. Was going to post it testerday but i filmed the wrong eye look! 🤣♥️ #makeup #tutorial #makeuphacks #fyp #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound - Caitie Murphy

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