How Miccilo Boosted Sales by 20% With Conversions From Influencers

  • 141 influencers recruited
  • 179 content pieces on YouTube and TikTok
  • Nearly 3 million impressions
  • More than $32,000 in referral sales
  • Nearly 30,000 unique website visits
  • 20% boost in total sales via direct conversions*

*Purchases made via influencers' referral links.
Note that Miccilo also probably benefited from many indirect, un-tracked conversions, because not everyone will find the referral link to purchase from. Especially on platforms like TikTok that make it hard for links to be shared.

Miccilo's Brand Story

Miccilo, a well-reputed Swedish cosmetic brand, has captivated the beauty market with its singular dedication to perfecting one product - a full-coverage foundation designed to last all day, while still feeling light and fresh on the skin. The minimalist beauty approach embraced by Miccilo has struck a chord with consumers, giving them a high-quality, uncomplicated solution in an industry often cluttered with overwhelming choices.

Yet, like many growing businesses in today's digital landscape, Miccilo faced the daunting task of navigating the world of influencer marketing, which held both potential rewards and significant challenges.

The Challenges

Despite recognizing the potential power of influencer marketing, Miccilo grappled with two primary challenges that threatened to undermine their growth:

1. Resource Constraints: Finding, recruiting, and communicating with influencers, not to mention tracking their performance, is a time-consuming process. With a lean team dedicated to their core business, Miccilo found it difficult to devote the necessary resources to effectively manage influencer relations.

2. Unpredictability of Returns: Predicting the return on investment (ROI) from influencers is a challenging proposition. Despite taking into account various metrics such as engagement rate, follower count, and content quality, Miccilo found it hard to achieve consistent returns. This unpredictability resulted in a reluctance to continue investing heavily in influencer marketing.

Collaborating with InfluencerCandy

To overcome these challenges, Miccilo turned to InfluencerCandy, a platform designed to take the guesswork out of influencer marketing and provide an efficient, cost-effective solution.

Here's how InfluencerCandy addressed Miccilo's key concerns:

Cost and Process Efficiency: InfluencerCandy assumed responsibility for the entire influencer marketing process, from discovery and recruitment to tracking conversions and payments. This freed up Miccilo's team to focus on what they do best—creating high-quality cosmetics.

Reduced Risk: Instead of paying substantial amounts upfront, InfluencerCandy shifted the payment model to be primarily based on performance. Influencers were incentivized with commissions from tracked conversions, aligning their goals with those of Miccilo and eliminating the risk of running at a loss.

With the help of InfluencerCandy's seamless integration with Shopify, Miccilo not only streamlined the process of sending products to influencers but also facilitated easier tracking of conversions.

Scalability: With the use of InfluencerCandy, Miccilo was able to scale up its influencer marketing activities. The brand was able to recruit a significant number of influencers and generate substantial content within just two months, resulting in a boost in total sales.

Brand Awareness and Perception: The increased social media presence and diversity of content resulted in an improvement in Miccilo's brand perception. It generated social proof and established the brand more firmly in the beauty market.

Creation of Valuable Assets: The user-generated content (UGC) created by the influencers was a valuable asset to Miccilo. It could be repurposed for other marketing channels and campaigns, giving the brand a large volume of content at no extra cost.

Long-term Relationships and Brand Ambassadors: Miccilo's collaboration with influencers paved the way for longer-term relationships. It created a pool of influencers who have a proven track record and genuine affinity for the brand's product. These influencers can be leveraged for future campaigns, providing continuity and consistency in Miccilo's marketing efforts.

Embrace the power of genuine connections

Through the lens of the Miccilo-InfluencerCandy collaboration, we've seen how effectively managed influencer marketing can result in remarkable business growth. The strategy helped Miccilo overcome the barriers of resource constraints and unpredictability, transforming their online presence and enhancing their bottom line.

It showcases the potential for resource efficiency in influencer marketing. By partnering with a platform like InfluencerCandy, businesses can offload the time-consuming task of managing influencer marketing, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on their core competencies.

Secondly, it emphasizes that risks associated with influencer marketing can be significantly reduced with the right strategy. By shifting to a performance-based compensation model, businesses can ensure that they are getting a return on their investment and reduce the chance of financial loss.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Miccilo case study underscores the immense potential for growth that influencer marketing can offer. Through increased brand awareness, boosted sales, and valuable user-generated content, influencer marketing can provide a significant competitive advantage in today's digital landscape.

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