How Cannabox leveraged influencers to reach new customers in a regulated industry

About the Brand

Since 2012, Cannabox has been the leader in 420 weed box subscriptions by providing an amazing selection of innovative products, the best customer service in the business, and all at an affordable price.

The Problem ☹️

Regulation = Unable to run Facebook ads

Strict regulations on social media platforms and advertising meant that brands like Cannabox—with products related to cannabis and vaping—simply do not have the same marketing freedom as others. Customer acquisition online posed as a huge challenge for Cannabox.

Lack of time

Anthony (Co-founder) wanted to leverage influencers to reach more customers. However, as the co-founder, he juggles many other responsibilities and found it difficult to dedicate time aside to finding, recruiting, and managing influencers himself.

The Solution 🙌

InfluencerCandy was perfect for Anthony because it addressed both problems squarely.

Targeted reach via audience influencers

Even though cannabis and vape-related ads are banned, influencers are still free to share their experiences and opinions about those products on the platforms. Many influencers specialize in creating content about this niche and have a very engaged audience.

InfluencerCandy curated the right set of 19 such influencers within 2 months and engaged them to post reviews about Cannabox. This enabled Cannabox to reach thousands of hyper-relevant audiences that were previously out of reach.

Time consuming tasks offloaded

InfluencerCandy took care of the entire collaboration process seamlessly from start to finish.

All Anthony had to do was to vet the list of influencers shortlisted by InfluencerCandy every other week. With InfluencerCandy, Anthony could get their influencer marketing channel running within a week without having to hire additional headcount(s) or go through the back-and-forth of having to communicate with influencers himself.

The Results 🎉

  • 19 influencers recruited in 2 months
  • 20 video posts across YouTube, TikTok & Instagram
  • 736 unique website visits, directly referred* by influencers

*Tracked via unique clicks on influencers' referral links.

More social proof, better brand impression

Previously, Cannabox's branding was weak relative to competitors. Searching "Cannabox" on social platforms yielded few reviews. Now, there are dozens of reliable reviews shared by emerging personalities in the cannabis niches—effectively helping to instil greater trust in Cannabox as a brand. And that trust is a major factor in driving new sales and greater brand affinity.

A library of user-generated content

Cannabox now has plenty of original, eye-catching, and high-quality content from influencers of diverse backgrounds to repurpose for ads, websites, social media, etc.

Fret not, because InfluencerCandy makes it a point to automatically ask influencers if they allow the brand to repurpose the content. 90% of the time, the influencer will agree at no additional cost.

The start of effective long term relationships

Now, whenever Cannabox wishes to run any campaigns, they know that they have a performance-proven pool of influencers across various platforms who love Cannabox. Anthony no longer has to worry the time and effort spent on contracts, managing relationships, and gaining content approval rights because InfluencerCandy handles that automatically.

Real life examples of posts generated for Cannabox

27.2k subscribers

mzg smokes

2.32k subscribers

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